Why This Newsletter?

Empowerment 💪
My passion is empowering people to upgrade and level up their lives - be it in the tech industry, business, or personally. I’ve been honored to encourage and inspire dozens with my story and experiences. Through my newsletter, I continue that ministry with vulnerability, humour and transparency.

Representation ✊
Closely tied to my first reason, I wish to contribute to the representation of women-in-tech who are Black, over-40 and mothers.

Resources ⚙️
Through my stories, I hope to introduce my subscribers to tools, services and resources that could prove useful.

Promotion 📣
I run a few initiatives beyond my newsletter: Arit Developer Academy & Our Time For Tech. My newsletter will be the primary way I share information about these offerings.

Deciding to change careers to Tech was easy. As a new mom however, I was overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information and options. Having navigated her career change successfully, Arit was perfect as a guide and resource; her enthusiasm and infectious joy infused me with the belief that I could too!

Doris A.
UX Designer (formerly in Finance)

My Mini Bio

I worked as a public-health analyst for many years, before quitting to raise my young son. While homemaking, I created a digital agency primarily to have some income. 😅

As my clients’ needs outgrew my ability to combine WordPress plugins and themes, I decided to learn how to code. Soon after my daughter was born, I completed the six-month Firehose Project bootcamp, then landed my first developer job at Gartner 6 months later. 🎉

My macbook with some code displayed on the monitor, and my daughter on the right of the laptop, smiling with her hand on the keys.
My coding bootcamp days with my daughter ♥️

What To Expect

I publish at least once a month. My content falls into the following categories:

  • #Code&Career What I’m learning, struggling with, and breaking though in coding and in my career.

  • #TechCommunity My activities within the tech community, including talks, workshops and mentoring.

  • #Inspirations People, organizations and content that motivate me to greater excellence.

  • #NonTechLife Snippets from my life beyond tech, including hobbies, relationships and non-tech pursuits.

  • #SmallBizLove Resources & support for solopreneurs and small business owners, drawn from my time as a digital agency owner.

  • #WholeCare Stories around succeeding at (or struggling with) mental-health and self-care.

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I want the Arit Developer Newsletter to bless, empower and motivate your life, instead of becoming another nuisance or shallow distraction. I hope you subscribe! ❤️