Why This Newsletter?

Empowerment 💪
My passion is empowering people to upgrade and level up their lives - be it in the tech industry, business, or personally. I’ve been honored to encourage and inspire dozens with my story and experiences. Through my newsletter, I continue that ministry with vulnerability, humour and transparency.

Representation ✊
Closely tied to my first reason, I wish to contribute to the representation of women-in-tech who are Black, over-40 and mothers.

Resources ⚙️
Through my stories, I hope to introduce my subscribers to tools, services and resources that could prove useful.

Promotion 📣
I run a few initiatives beyond my newsletter: Arit Developer Academy & Our Time For Tech. My newsletter will be the primary way I share information about these offerings.

Deciding to change careers to Tech was easy. As a new mom however, I was overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information and options. Having navigated her career change successfully, Arit was perfect as a guide and resource; her enthusiasm and infectious joy infused me with the belief that I could too!

Doris A.
UX Designer (formerly in Finance)

My Mini Bio

I worked as a public-health analyst for many years, before quitting to raise my young son. While homemaking, I created a digital agency primarily to have some income. 😅

As my clients’ needs outgrew my ability to combine WordPress plugins and themes, I decided to learn how to code. Soon after my daughter was born, I completed the six-month Firehose Project bootcamp, then landed my first developer job at Gartner 6 months later. 🎉

What To Expect

I publish at least twice a month. My content falls into the following categories:

  • #Code&Career What I’m learning, struggling with, and breaking though in coding and in my career.

  • #TechCommunity My activities within the tech community, including talks, workshops and mentoring.

  • #Inspirations People, organizations and content that motivate me to greater excellence.

  • #NonTechLife Snippets from my life beyond tech, including hobbies, relationships and non-tech pursuits.

  • #SmallBizLove Resources & support for solopreneurs and small business owners, drawn from my time as a digital agency owner.

  • #WholeCare Stories around succeeding at (or struggling with) mental-health and self-care.

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I want the Arit Developer Newsletter to bless, empower and motivate your life, instead of becoming another nuisance or shallow distraction. I hope you subscribe! ❤️