I can't believe it's ACTUALLY happening!
I have discovered how my efforts NOT to procrastinate can increase my stress levels and disturb my mental peace.
My main challenge is arresting the anxiety wave in the moment.
We can all agree that staying consistent at anything is a struggle.
It’s not an easy lesson to grasp, but rejection is NOT an indictment on our intrinsic worth.
I do not regret becoming an engineer later (rather than sooner) in life, because I probably wouldn’t have been as intentional with my money as I am tod…
At the start of my livestream, I was nervous, questioning my decision to code in the open. But once I started, the nerves faded and it was me, the code…
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Especially in the Tech industry, feeling safe enough to vent and emote authentically is vital to career health and progress.
We should empower ourselves to express feelings of burnout, and permanently retire beliefs that equate burnout with being unfit for the job.
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