🎉 Announcing My FIRST Online Course!

I can't believe it's ACTUALLY happening!

Hello people! Apologies for the time passed since my last newsletter. 🙏🏽

I’ve been hard at work creating my first online course titled: Slay Your Salary Negotiation. And it is finally ready! 🎊 🍾

I share more about the process of developing my course in this newsletter. I also have SPECIAL promo course pricing for all of you, my loyal subscribers! ❤️

Enjoy, and thank you so much for your trust and support! 🥰

Slay Your Salary Negotiation

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I’ve been told by many that my teaching ability is one of my strongest gifts.

My first thought for creating an online course came during my time mentoring the fellows of Our Time For Tech, my tech-empowerment nonprofit. One of our fellows landed her first developer job while in our program. After our initial excitement over her job offer, I suggested to her that she negotiate the salary they proposed (which I felt was too low, considering her skills and where she lived). She considered my suggestion, but ultimately accepted their first offer, deciding to focus on getting her foot-in-the-door. “There’ll be other chances to get more money, Arit”, she said.

I completely agreed with her, because I knew exactly how she felt. I also did not negotiate the offer I received for my first developer job. In fact, for me, the first job offer I ever negotiated was that for my current job! Negotiating always felt like ingratitude to me, like I wasn’t thankful just to have a job. How far I have come! 😅

I have since had several conversations about the reasons why we do not negotiate our job offers, and I decided to create this course based on those conversations and my own experience.

Slay Your Salary Negotiation is perfect for those of us who:

  • Have NEVER negotiated a salary offer

  • Are low-key afraid of negotiating salary offers

  • Have "fumbled" a previous salary negotiation

  • Have had disappointing negotiation results

  • Are not sure how to start negotiating

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I’M SO EXCITED! 💃🏽 💃🏽 💃🏽 Trust me: I’ll be sharing my experiences on being a course-developer and instructor 😅 I welcome all your feedback, praise and criticism, for by them I grow, improve and excel. Thank you so much!

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