Getting Organized, Mentor Score & Mental Health

In order to keep Arit Developer Newsletter the blessing that it is, I’m improving my content organization so that you better know what to expect!

Well, hello there! A warm WELCOME to my newest subscribers - glad you’re here! 🥰

My issues are getting some more structure! 🎉 I share more about it below. I also grade my mentoring performance, and reflect on a recent situation where I readily protected my mental health. Enjoy!

Refining My Newsletter

I’m enjoying this newsletter! Your response emails are so encouraging and humbling - thank you for subscribing and sharing in my experiences!

I want the “Arit, Developer” newsletter to bless, empower and comfort you, instead of becoming another nuisance or shallow distraction. To that end, I’m improving my content’s organization, so that you better know what to expect. 🧡

Starting with this issue, my content will be grouped within these general topics:

  • #Work&Career What I’m learning, struggling with, and breaking though at my job and in my career.

  • #TechCommunity My activities within the tech community, including talks, workshops and mentoring.

  • #Inspirations People, organizations and content that motivate me to greater excellence.

  • #NonTechLife Snippets from my life beyond tech, including hobbies, relationships and non-tech pursuits.

  • #SmallBizLove Resources & support for solopreneurs and small business owners, drawn from my time as a digital agency owner.

  • #WholeCare Stories around succeeding at (or struggling with) mental-health and self-care.

Better Recognizing Mental Triggers


I think one great thing to come out of the global pandemic is the focus on protecting and nurturing mental health. So, for the launch of my newsletter’s #WholeCare topic, I’d like to share a recent moment where I quickly recognized a mental stressor and took action. I hope you’re encouraged!

This particular morning, I had planned 5 things:

  • Dental appointment (after dropping my kids at summer camp)

  • Workout/Shower

  • Meeting with my manager

  • Livestream a small coding project I’m starting

  • Attend my company’s Engineering Roundtable

I budgeted about an hour at the dentist’s office, since I wasn’t getting an actual procedure. I ended up staying over 2 hours, as they worked billing out with my 2 insurance plans. 😫

Photo by Anna Shvets

Photo by Anna Shvets

I kept looking at my watch, and recalculating the rest of my schedule in my head. Working out was a non-negotiable, but that meant I would have to hold my manager’s meeting BEFORE showering. However, my livestream was scheduled right after the meeting, and I could not show up all sweaty and rough-looking. 👀

As I tried reworking my schedule, I felt frustration and stress creep slowly up my spine. Like, I actually felt it physically. My body tensed, my breathing became shallow. I recognized my stress reaction and asked myself: “What disturbs you?” The answer was: “Possibly having to livestream without showering first - ewww!” Then the answer was clear: “Postpone the livestream.”

My body responded immediately. My lungs opened up, my muscles relaxed. Just like that, my mental state was calm. Yes, this is a very simple scenario, BUT it’s an example of how I’ve gotten better at identifying even small stressors, and adjusting what I must in order to protect my mental well-being.

Talk Back To Me! 🗣 Leave a comment about how you are nurturing yourself and your mental health.

Growing As a Mentor


I’ve been honored to mentor several early-career developers, both on an individual basis, and as part of my nonprofit Our Time For Tech. For the most part, I’ve gotten great feedback from my mentees - many of whom I still meet with regularly.

Still, I do lookout for ways to be more effective in my support and guidance. I recently rediscovered this tweet in my bookmarks. I think I’m doing well with items 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8. The rest I can improve upon.

My mentees may disagree with my self-assessment, and they’ll probably tell me about it too! 😅