Giveaways, Spaces & The Year-End

I was privileged to sponsor 28 applicants to the AltSchoolAfrica tech bootcamp.

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It has been a busy couple of weeks since my last issue! 😅 I share about a recent giveaway I was inspired to run on Twitter, my recent Twitter Spaces session on ‘Becoming A Developer’, and the start of my season reflecting on the past year & anticipating my moves in the next.

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My First Giveaway! 🎉 💖

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Scrolling through Twitter one afternoon, I came across a tweet by @mochievous offering to pay the application fees to AltSchoolAfrica, a remote-first Tech bootcamp that offers 3 tracks: frontend, backend & cloud engineering.

I was inspired! 🤩 I researched the school to make sure it was reputable and trustworthy. I saw that their application fee was $20 (or 10,000 Naira). So I decided to run my own giveaway for 5 applicants:

Well, long story short: I intended 5 people, but ended up sponsoring a total of 28 people to apply to AltSchoolAfrica! 🥳 I was so humbled by the ambition and hunger of those who threw their hats into the ring. Though my giveaway was focused on mothers, I did choose 5 fathers as winners as well.

“From 5 people to 28?” I hear you asking. Well, I wasn’t the sole sponsor. The most delicious part of my giveaway experience was all the DMs I received from literal strangers who wanted to financially support what I was doing. More than two-thirds of the 28 people sponsored were backed by anonymous donors.

In fact, I kept receiving DMs from donors long after the giveaway ended, which made me realize that I needed a more organized and transparent way of welcoming their generousity. So now, I’m working on setting up a GoFundMe (charity version) under my nonprofit Our Time For Tech. It is my sincere hope to launch targeted fundraisers in the new year, designed to support would-be students of tech bootcamps and other training programs, but for the financial barriers. Watch for announcements about that in the near future! 🙏🏾

I’m On Twitter Spaces! 📢


During my recent Twitter giveaway, I received dozens of questions about becoming a software developer, or about my own break-into-Tech journey. So I decided to host a Twitter Space to answer these questions in a group-setting (as opposed to one-on-one).

Though I was nervous about it, the session went really well! The time flew by as I answered 9 questions chosen from those sent in by interested people.

Well, I’m hosting another Twitter Space TODAY (Thursday 17th 2021) at 3pm EST! Check out the Twitter announcement below. Hope you can make it! I will also stream the session on YouTube HERE.

End-Of-Year Reflections and Looking Ahead

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As we approach the end of 2021, I have started reflecting on all I have both achieved and failed at this year. In the rest of my newsletter issues this year, I will include reflections on my accomplishments, mishaps and certianly lessons learned.

I am also looking ahead to the new year, thinking about what I would like to tackle and achieve. I shall be sharing these as well, as a form of accountability, and also to inspire you to plan your 2022 adventures! 💖