My Consistency Struggle: My Fat & My Tech Course

Can we agree that staying consistent at almost anything beneficial is hard?

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This week I’m sharing about my struggles staying consistent while working towards my goals. I hope to read your comments and emails about how you are improving your consistency. 🥰

My Consistency Struggle

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I think we can all agree that staying consistent is a struggle. I’m realizing that my lack of consistency is a major reason for not having achieved several of my goals.

At the moment, my consistency struggles are in:

My Fitness Journey

I’m at the age where getting and staying fit has become much less about the aesthetic appeal and more about the health, wellness and longevity benefits. And I realize that embarking on some grand weight-loss program that overhauls my whole life, has proved ineffective for me.

Eventually, I grow exhausted, life throws its inevitable interruptions (like the common cold 😫 ), and my old entrenched habits slowly reestablish their dominance.

I see now that it is small CONSISTENT changes that create traction and lay a foundation for me to build on. Three 20-minute walks a week for 3 months will produce more results than those sexy-but-sporadic, 60-minute YouTube HIIT workouts that end up hurting my knees. 😏

Developing My First Online Course

Through my 3-year developer career, I have been honored to encourage and mentor dozens of aspiring and early-career developers. I decided to create the Before Breaking Into Software Engineering course, which will contain all the advice that I have given on the subject. My struggle here has been developing the course content.

First, I needed to decide which formats my course will have - video, audio, and/or written. I kept oscillating between “written is easier for me” and “video is easier for my students”.

Next it was distilling the actual content of the myriad mentoring conversations I have had. What was useful? What was fluff? What is most applicable to the broadest range of people?

Then it was overcoming the waves of imposter syndrome that would hit over me randomly (do I really have anything of value to teach, that others will pay for? 🙈 ).

I’m making more progress on my course some weeks than others. I have a roadmap that breaks my course plan into manageable steps. I’m working on tempering the over-achiever in me that argues that I should bang the entire course out in a couple weekends.

I remember that my goal is to empower others in their tech career journeys, not necessarily to wow or impress the internet. 😅

I’m leading a Workshop at CodeLand 🎉

#TechCommunity #Inspirations

I am honored to be co-leading the Open Source Blastoff! workshop at Codeland with Nick Taylor, lead software engineer at Forem.

Codeland is the premier tech conference for early-career coders and their champions. I’m so excited that there is significant interest in open source within the newbie-developer community, as our workshop has sold out twice! 🤭

Opensource participation is very near and dear to my heart, as it enabled me to keep growing my tech skills fresh out of coding bootcamp.

Forem was actually the first opensource project that I successfully configured locally. So this is a beautiful full-circle moment to now be leading this workshop to help others get started contributing to the Forem project.

If you know any aspiring or early-career developers, please encourage them to attend Codeland! The conference talks are free and the workshops are very affordable.